artists statement

artists statement

beauty is timeless

My practice as a painter revolves in & around the expression of an honest, raw, beauty.

Deeply inspired by the experiences & vistas I ecnounter & collect I'm drawn to communicate the essence that thrives in the ever shifting momentum of light, etherial perspectives & earthen delights, transitions, the idea that nothing is permanent but we can be lost forever in a single moment.

There's always a double edge, beauty cannot exist without having tasted something a little darker at some point & my work will always be about that depth of experience, not a superficial exposure of the pretty or the nice but an authentic expression of real experience & baring witness, depth & grit.

There always seems to be that thread & dance between the tangible, that essence of the earth & what grounds us & then also of the ethereal, an essence, a grand allusion, an inner connotation, a filter if you will from my external & internal rummagings that then extracts through into my work.